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For the information of all viewers of my blog, please be noted that all posting from posting 1 to posting 6 are done as the course requirement for SKBP 1023 (Language and ICT)course under Ass. Prof. Datin Dr Norizan binti Abdul Razak.

With this oppurtunity, i would like to shows my appreciation and also million thanks to people who have contributes to my blog. Hopefully in the future i will find myself interested in blogging and bring more updates and news to all my viewers…


{March 25, 2010}   6th Posting (Concordance)

According to Wikipedia:

A concordancer is a computer program that automatically constructs a concordance. The output of a concordancer may serve as input to a translation memory system for computer-assisted translation, or as an early step in machine translation.

Concordancers are also used in corpus linguistics to retrieve alphabetically or otherwise sorted lists of linguistic data from the corpus in question, which the corpus linguist then analyzes. Some concordancers used in corpus linguistics are AntConc (freeware), ApSIC Xbench, WordSmith, MonoConc, GlossaNet/Unitex (open-source free software), AdTAT(free software developed by The University of Adelaide), and CorpusEye.

In short, concordancer is a programme to look into corpus liguistics for better understanding of some of the words and how they are used. Usually this concordancer is very useful for people who is interested in language , studying language or assigned to do some research in the language field.

The URL above is a page where we can use concordancer to search for words we want to. However, there are limited corpus for we to search in.

Answerd to Questions

(1)Do you think that computer can assist you to become a better language learner ? If Yes elaborate why , If No elaborate why.

Well, i think that computer is a great tool for me to become a better language learner. Firstly having a computer is very convenient. For example, if i want to define a word, i dont need to open my heavy and thick dictionary but only on my laptop and open the Oxford Dictionary Programme. So convenient  and teaches me to be a quick and smart learner. Then with the help of Internet Explorer, i can search almost anything in the web. With software like concordancer, i can enrich myself with different usage of a word. . Whats more using google translate and other translation website to help me to understand words and sentences in other languages as well.

(2)How effective is blogging in assisting you in the followings

  •  1. confidence in writing
  • 2. confidence in publishing your work
  • 3. getting ideas to write
  • 4. improving your writing skills

First of all, as i had mentioned in the first ICT class, im a person who dislike blogging. This is because i believe effective communication is through conversation, meeting or perhaps just a simple talk with body languages. But somehow i found out that blogging is not that bad actually. I realized that they are things or perhaps opinion that is better to be written down rather than voice out. Through blog writing, i have gained more confidence to write. This is because when we write a blog, people from all around the world will have a chance to look at our work, so to make sure I dont embarass myself, i will do “homework” first. Look for dictionary to confirm certain words because afraid that word will be wrongly used. When time passed, i can write freely. Of course after i write, i will publish my work. So it is actually a process of write and publish in blogging. Also, i usually will search for the definition in Wikipedia on the topic i’m required to do. Then i will read and then rewrite few sentences of what is my understanding of the information i have found. This shows my ability understand the information and put them in my own words to avoid plagiarism. Last but not least, my writing skill did improved. When tasks and homework are given to me everyweek, im able to practise on my writing skill. Practise makes perfect is what i believe. Once I’m used to it, writing is no longer a problem for me.

(3) If you are going to use computer to teach language one day which language learning website will you recommend? Elaborate why do you recommend that website.If you dont have any recommendation and would like to develop your own website explain what, why and how.

if i were to teach language using computer one day, i will recommend the following website : . This website contains alot of information and activities not only for teaching but also for students. This websites is very educative and they also have English Forum for us to post whatever question or confusion. Not only that, they also include English Grammar , English Literature and also Games. This can take away students’ boredom.

{March 16, 2010}   5th Posting (online test)

In our tutorial class today, we are required to find and do an online test. And i found one grammar test (from vancouver english centre) consisting or 140 question to be done without any time limitation.  The url for this test is .  I personally think that this test is good because the test are separated into levels from level 2 to level 15. Each level consist different number of questions. Questions are getting harder , challenging and tougher when the level increase.   Somehow i felt that it’s not satisfying because they will only mail you the percentage of the question answered correctly and not showing us the real answer. With this point i think there is no room for improvement of our grammar because we dont remember what we’ve answered in the test and where we did wrong. If suddenly the internet connection is unstable or perhaps disconnected, we have to answer all the 140 questions again to get our score because the test system does not auto save our answers to the questions.

Somehow, if we are to print the test out and do it with our own hand, we can see which level we are weak with the percentage given from the webmaster. Then, questions that are answered wrongly we can refer them to our lecturer to get the right answer, i think this can boost the communication between the lecturer and students.

{March 15, 2010}   English Literature.

The URLs that can be used to teach literature:

  1. ,

In the 1st URL given, the website is an English Literature Digital Library. This website provides everything you need to know about literature no matter American Literature or Canadian Literature. Not only that, they have specific hyperlink to Shakespeare studies where you can find Shakespeare masterpiece and his collection of poems.We can find lots of activities provided in this website such as quizes, exercises,Ask and Answer Forum and etc. In addition, this webpage also included tools for teaching / studying Shakespeare such as explaining matters of form in writing a formal scholarly essay about Renaissance dramatist.

Seriously i really felt that this website is a good website for students to study literature with good references, good collection with all sorts of masterpiece from variety of poet. Definitely this website will be a very useful and effective website to teach youngster the meaning and how precious literature and language in our life.

In the 2nd url, this website mainly for students to find extra information of literature. Many files in audio form can be found like mp3, real audio, quick time and Media player audio. examples of files provided are : Online Documentary series on american literature and Orson Welles’s Mercury Theatre. Not only that, we also can see the time frame of the development of different literature such as British /Irish and also US literature. 

{March 15, 2010}   Computer Mediated Communication

According to online teaching and learning in elt (theme 2 pg 159-194), computer mediated communication (CMC) is communication between two or more participants via a computer covering technological platforms such as e-mail, bulletin board, discussion list and computer conferencing, both text and video-based , Levy (1997:97). They are so many advantages of CMC for example:

1) results in increased participation among students ( Kern, 1995; Kelm, 1992; Beauvois, 1992)

2) produces improved quality language output (Kern, 1995; Warschauer, 1996; Chun, 1994)

3) offers an  effective tool for learner autonomy and empowerment (Warschauer et al., 1996; Shetzer & Warschaeur, 2000)

From the above we can clearly see that CMC helps increasing the participation of all ages especially the student in the modern technology world using the Internet. Also, when people communicating in proper language usage, then this can improve on everybody’s language output especially youngster and student where their ages is important to absorb and receive appropriate command of language. CMC also allows participants to sharpen their communication skills and make them more useful and powerful in any field.

{March 1, 2010}   Discussion on Netspeak

Definition of Netspeak on the web ( wikipedia)

Internet slang (Internet language, Internet Short-hand, leet, netspeak or chatspeak) is a type of slang that Internet users have popularized, and in many cases, have coined. Such terms often originate with the purpose of saving keystrokes. Many people use the same abbreviations in texting and instant messaging, and social networking websites. Acronyms, keyboard symbols and shortened words are often used as methods of abbreviation in Internet slang. New dialects of slang, such as leet or Lolspeak, develop as ingroup memes rather than time savers. In leet speak, letters may be replaced by characters of similar appearance. leet is often written as l33t or 1337.

Well, i personally believe that Netspeak not only occuring in the English Language but also affecting other languages for example: Mandarin and also Bahasa Melayu.

David Crystal had introduced the term “Netspeak” in his book entitled Language and the Internet in the first chapter. He also touched on Netspeak saying that “Netspeak … have already begun to be used outside of the situation of
computer-mediated communication, even though the medium has become
available to most people only in the past decade or so” (pp. 20-1). This cotation clearly shows that Netspeak is used widely not only in the computer or online medium and slowly affecting young generation especially in the academic field resulting language decay because academic field is the most important component to build strong base of language in one person.

David Crystal also mentioned that ”on the whole, Netspeak is better seen as written language which has been
pulled some way in the direction of speech than spoken language which has
been written down” (pp. 51).  People tend to use the spoken language into their writing which is actually improper and inaccurate. Sometimes it might cause confusion because of the errors in sentence structures or spelling.  Some individuals like to make errors in their writing to make them special, some sort of ” words that can identify the user”.This is so true especially with the support of David Crystal’s words ”

”Netspeak”, for example, its unique spelling and punctuation usages.
Crystal observes that up until this stage the most distinctive features of
”Netspeak” are still located in its lexicon and graphology, while unique
grammatical features are much less frequent.

Furthermore, David Crystal also mentioned “‘Netspeak is a complex and
mixed-message scenario, which can really only be understood by a detailed
consideration of the individual Internet situations” (pp. 98). Netspeak is actually not something that came out or exist just in a second but it actually takes time and slowly penetrate into the society. When it is oftenly use ,then it become common to the group that practices Netspeak. But somehow i realized generation gap draws a line in between. People from older generation seldom indulge in Netspeak because they think language is something very beautiful and using good command of a language shows how educate you are. But the newer generation is the opposite way. They are creative and like to invent and come out with new idea, new invention and new stuff. They want to be special . That is why i think how Netspeak becoming widely used .

Crystal himself notes, Internet is in a natural phenomenon. This is because the world in it’s every second moving forward to higher technology and greater invention . This phenomenon is unstoppable and only human can change themselves. But of course all the above point of view not necessary supported by all people as all individuals have their own perspective and opinion toward the changes in language.

{February 19, 2010}   Week 7 First Posting

Well, few years back, when Facebook was not really well known, youngsters including me were indulged in . Somehow when Facebook is getting more and more popular, people start switching from friendster to facebook. This makes friendster less popular and less user. Therefore, i myself also have to switch to facebook. But my Frienster account is still available until now.

After switching to Facebook, i found out that Facebook is more interesting than Frienster. The background is less colourful and more eyes-relaxing. Icons and application are easy to find. Also, Facebook has chatroom. It allows user to chat with friends who is onlining.

There are times too when i log in to my Friendster to check some news and update. i found out that they started to upgrade their style as well because their popularity has decreased. But for me, it had gone worse. There are so many unknown user added me as their friend and most of them are not local. Of course i did not add them because it’s my ethics for not adding people i did not know. Most of them are from Indonesia and Filipina. It makes me curious why people like to add unknown people into their friends list? Since then i seldom log in to Friendster.

Facebook in the other hand, is easier and safer. If we come across any problem, we can just click report abuse button . Since i sign up Facebook i have not seen any nude pictures or improper photos. That is why i think why Facebook had become so famous thoughout the world and even put in as a must website in 3G and latest handphone model.  With our mobile handphone, we also can upload pictures, send comment and change out status with the help of internet connection or WIFI. Therefore it is much more convenient to let our friends know what we are doing or update them the latest activities or latest news of us.

{February 18, 2010}   Week 7 Tutorial Discussion.

How Blogs and Wikis Help in Writing

{February 18, 2010}   Week 6 Discussion

Hypertext is text displayed on a computer or other electronic device with references (hyperlinks) to other text that the reader can immediately access, usually by a mouse click or keypress sequence. Apart from running text, hypertext may contain tables, images and other presentational devices. Hypertext is the underlying concept defining the structure of the World Wide Web, making it an easy-to-use and flexible format to share information over the Internet.

• A hypertext is a non-linear text that connects various elements (nodes, pages) through links.
• “Hypertext is text with links, or pointers, showing relationships between parts of the information.

From the Wikipedia: “ In computing, hypertext is a user interface paradigm for displaying documents which, according to an early definition (Nelson 1970), “branch or perform on request.” The most frequently discussed form of hypertext document contains automated cross-references to other documents called hyperlinks. Selecting a hyperlink causes the computer to load and display the linked document.”

A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. Hyperlinks are found in nearly all Web pages, allowing users to click their way from page to page. Text hyperlinks are often blue and underlined, but don’t have to be. When you move the cursor over a hyperlink, whether it is text or an image, the arrow should change to a small hand pointing at the link. When you click it, a new page or place in the current page will open.

Hyperlinks, often referred to as just “links,” are common in Web pages, but can be found in other hypertext documents. These include certain encyclopedias, glossaries, dictionaries, and other references that use hyperlinks. The links act the same way as they do on the Web, allowing the user to jump from page to page. Basically, hyperlinks allow people to browse information at hyperspeed

An element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document. Typically, you click on the hyperlink to follow the link. Hyperlinks are the most essential ingredient of all hypertext systems, including the World Wide Web.

Webopedia ( )
An extension to hypertext that supports linking graphics, sound, and video elements in addition to text elements. The World Wide Web is a partial hypermedia system since is supports graphical hyperlinks and links to sound and video files. New hypermedia systems under development will allow objects in computer videos to be hyperlinked.

. Hypermedia extends the concept of hypertext – information with links – to collections including text, audio, video, photographs, or any multisensory combination” (Alessi & Trollop, 2001:138).

Hypermedia is the generalization of hypertext to include other kinds of media: images, audio clips and video clips are typically supported in addition to text. Individual chunks of information are usually referred to as documents or nodes, and the connections between them as links or hyperlinks the so-called node-link hypermedia model. The entire set of nodes and links forms a graph network. A distinct set of nodes and links which constitutes a logical entity or work is called a hyperdocument; a distinct subset of hyperlinks is often called a hyperweb. (

Interpret something in written or printed materials only when you are connected to a computer network or accessible by computer.

•Digital literacy is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology. …

It is an elaborate and systematic plan on reading.
please visit to read more on reading strategies…

{February 18, 2010}   Week 5 Tutorial Task

Learning websites for four skills:


Yahoo : -needs registration

Bing!: (bing)

Learning websites for grammar:






Using Google translate.

(bahasa melayu to English)

Seorang juruteknik ditahan polis selepas membuat laporan palsu mendakwa dia disamun, kelmarin, semata-mata bagi melengahkan majlis perkahwinannya yang dijadualkan bulan depan

After translation:

A technician was arrested after police allege he made false reports disamun, felt solely to delay marriage ceremony scheduled next month

(English to Bahasa Melayu)

The bodies of four Chung Ling High School students who were missing after the dragon boat crash on Sunday, have been found – much to the anguish of family members who had been hoping for a miracle. The body of Goh Yi Zhang, 17, was the first to be found at 8am followed by Brendon Yeoh, 17, at 12.10pm.

After translation:

Mayat Chung Ling empat pelajar SMA yang hilang selepas kemalangan perahu naga pada hari Sabtu, telah ditemui – banyak penderitaan ahli keluarga yang telah mengharapkan keajaiban. Tubuh Goh Yi Zhang, 17, adalah yang pertama ditemui pada 8 diikuti oleh Brendon Yeoh, 17, at 12:10.

Although translation can be use widely with different kinds of language though out the world but somehow words that are translated sometimes might not be accurate. Although the sentences after translation are understandable but they sentences structure are often incorrect.

et cetera